Stress and Balance

It has become the great cry of those not covered by Health and Safety rules at work to claim that Stress is the great cause of everything that goes bad in the workplace. (Those not wearing hard hats in hard hat areas may find other things intrude on their well being!). Stress experienced in the workplace is frequently a symptom of other stress imbalances rather then the cause. That stress at work causes anxiety and lack of illness usually means that “stress” in other areas of our lives is not working either. People seldom successfully “Escape” into work or “escape ” home. Stress is portable and keeps us going. Advocates of Wellness (a horrible expression for health, in my opinion) often focus on certain aspects, usually to do with where the idea has to be sold, but really as good an expression is wholeness, taking the necessary stresses and the self inflicted stresses and achieving balance. The self inflicted stresses are those we cannot control, but we allow to overwhelm us. Grief is as much a positive stress as happiness. It is necessary was part of the wholeness we need. Being overburdened in work creates stress which we amplify if we believe we cannot cope, because we cannot balance our good stress with it. We need to balance our good with our not so much, our positive with our negative stresses, and if it is difficult then look for support to recognise the positive to create balance.

Some tips about stress:

Use friends , make sure they know the stress levels. Being brave about it can be unwise

Use Exercise, endorphins apparently help, being physically tired helps balance mental fatigue and causes refreshing sleep

Use down time to do constructive things, bake, read, walk, meet friends, do exercise. Brooding saps energy.

Don’t always presume failure.

Don’t lay blame.

Don’t over worry about things you cannot change.

Believe in the future, cos its not here yet.

Embrace positive stress and celebrate success be they ever so small

Work to relieve all stresses not just one. It is about balance and wholeness.

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