Waiting for Results?

It is true that the watched pot never boils, the longed for holiday is always a month away; but it does boil and vacations arrive and flee faster then they should.

Recently a part of Einstein’s theory of Relativity was proven (Just so there is no mistake I know nothing about it!) It was about magnetic waves in time??? Time is infinite but subject to change apparently. We can create the “Magnetic” force that changes time.

Waiting is stressful and stress can cause derailment of our dreams. The important thing is to use the stress generated by waiting, making it work constructively, making it positive and enlivening. The time between an interview, a test, a meeting and the result must be meaningful and filled with constructive positive movement.

Putting the possible result behind us and getting on with things is difficult. We allow ourselves to live with the possibility whilst letting our dreams to slip. Our review needs to be of our way of approaching the next event , so long as we have done what we needed to do success will come, then what is next?

With luck what we have done will increase our success, but it is what we are going to do next that will prepare our future. Waiting is hard but only if we wait looking backwards.

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