May 25, 2016

Executive Coaching:

We all know the benefit of a sports coach Many will recognise “Life Coaches” as people who help clients come to terms with career aspirations and meld them with family or social needs. The Manager who coaches their team or the specialist who coaches a group enhances the productivity of their co workers.
Executive Coaching focuses attention on clients who are trying to move their effectiveness and productivity as business leaders to a new level. For some it will be a new role in their career that is ( the infamous first 100 days), for others overcoming a frustration or obstacle.

• The coaching relationship explores the issues driving the client.
• It is the client’s outcomes that are settled upon.
• The coach, listens and probes the client’s ideas and preconceptions.
• The coach offers the Executive a safe environment to express and challenge them to grow.
The results of coaching lift the Executive to new levels.

… what it is not

The preconceived ideas about coaching, as an easy answer or a quick fix solution to a blockage in personal and professional growth, do coaching a serious injustice.
Often it is easier to define something by saying what it is not.
Coaching is not pseudo psychology: it does not offer instant or uninformed solutions : it is not the sole answer to every executive nightmare; but it can help in dispersing the darkness and illuminating change and growth